Music and sleep, two great ways to escape from everything.
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[ He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. ]

❝ Here it is, I’d like my end of the deal. Now. Or else I’ll get rid of you, too.

He slings the duffle bag off his shoulder and onto the floor, unzipping it with lissome fingers. His calculating disposition is menacing, and for a moment you question if there’s sanity left in his soul. Such a naive thought. The redolence of iron filters into the atmosphere, and it’s strong—a cough sputtering from your lips. It’s heavy like the laden on his lean frame from carrying the concealed carcass. His coat is splotched with crimson, caked beneath his nails. He presents to you a grotesque piece, he emits a lunatic laugh, wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth with his battered knuckles.

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(/he laughs softly and tilts his head) Well, you’re welcome darling. Chatting with the whole population though… wouldn’t that make you like.. super tired and shit? I would be tired. I kind of.. wouldn’t want to talk to everyone though, because some people don’t deserve my kindness, hah.

[ / He smiled softly after being called darling, hiding back a cringe. He had a weird averseness towards being called affectionately. He nods;chuckles ] Oh man, it is tiresome and I’m actually not down for talking to more than three person a day but I realized my busy schedule has turned me into a hermit and I need to socialize.

[/he lets out a laugh from the other bluntness] Are you a people person? [he asked curiously] you seem nice or are you choosing to be nice to me?  



lmaoOneRepublicis my favorite banddamnchoosing betweenthemandBeyonceis hard

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널 사랑하겠어 (I choose to Love You)
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효린 (씨스타) - 널 사랑하겠어 

music널 사랑하겠어favorite songjust sawhyolynand remembered this song
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Yes, you accept it with a big smile and if not… why are you smiling now? -pokes your chest- Thanks for saying I’m amazing… Maybe I should start believing that.

[/His brow furrowed together, trying to recall if he did and trying to figure out if you were mind-fucking him again because Wooyoung was starting to feel gullible around you lately. His lips drop into a frown] I’m not smiling. [/that only lasted for seconds before he cracks a smile for you] you’re welcome Sun and you should believe it. 


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-approaching the familiar male, she waved at him while smiling brightly- Wooyoung-ah!

[/An immediate smile overtook his lips as he waved back at her. The urge to pull her into a hug was strong but he resisted, for not wanting to scare her. He simply smile] aye beautiful Noona. How’s it been? 

parkkxhi~special chingu


I know you have a dislike for cheesy names but, because I’m your favorite person you accept with a smile me calling you like that -smiles- I don’t know if I’m amazing, I’m just a friend who hopes to make a different in others lives.

[/he chuckles] I accepted it with a smile? [/he pointed at himself] Me? i don’t remember smiling Sun. [/he smiles back] I’m telling you you’re amazing. So now you know my favorite person. 

i thinki was slightlydrunk that dayXDforgive me

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English Name: Jason
Aliases: Ang Ang, Wooman, Tibetan Fox, J-Woo, Visual Maknae, Toshio, Youngboy, Udon, Woo, Ssanti Prince, Woofox, Woodong, Youngie, The 5 year old,Yoshi, Woobby, WooWoo, Hyoppa, Pretty twin, Pooyoung-_-,Foodyoung, Squishywoo, Chubby checker, Squishy
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Current Residence:Seoul, Korea
Nationality: Korean
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Weight:140lb / 65kg ?
Body built: lean, slightly muscular, very flexible


trait:compromising. Funny and humorous. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does work well with others.Sensitive. Positive Attitude. Slightly gullible. Witty. Able to cheer everyone up and/or make them laugh. Able to motivate oneself and others. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive but honest. Loves swimming/nature, music, leisure and traveling...
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Loves: Icecream ,fried chicken , strawberry, dancing, Mangos,lollipops, Rainy days, making other laugh, my brothers 2PM
hates: non-mannered people.
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August 6, 2014
Was going to write here yesterday but got distracted.
So 'You've changed hyung' he told me yesterday. My second time hearing this from a friend. "I always worry about you." I got two days ago.
Hearing this has made me reevaluate myself. I know I changed. I had to.
Am I being reckless in certain ways? Yes, I guess. But I'm happy. I swear it. Don't want to worry any of you. I will try not to. Gomawo for really noticing me beceause I swear I wasn't trying to be apparent with this new me. I'm grateful for having understanding friends. So damn understanding. However if i'm being too reckless and fucking around too much (I'm holding back now). I expect you guys to smack me upside the head. I know Jackson would, for all the times I did to peace journal~'

August 1, 2014
Finally got what i wanted. asghjdklal. I got a few things that I wanted recently. I'm not sure how I feel about one of it since its making me realize a side of myself I've never shown. I found it interesting how karma had fun by letting the last person I expect to give me this new experience. asdjghkl my best friend predicted this years ago but I'm sure out of trollness spite. or not he knows me well. I'm still not ready to admit to it but maybe I am 'that' sort of person my bro claims me to be and I need to stop pretending otherwise. I was this person before with one of my exes. Damn, mianhae journal for being vague. #forever vague #vague4lfye ㅋㅋ ah saw GOT7 perform 10 out of 10. T.T the feels. 7PM. I need to text Jaebeom hyung.

June 27, 2014
Beach camping. Going beach camping with the best looking hyung I have. Great at dancing and just damn. Perfect. lol I'm not going to write his name because than I seem conceited and foolish. hmm so not sure what to write here. I'm doing good. I'm exicted. Really excited but then I'm also busy so T.T '

June 25, 2014
Don't want to be involve with that feeling. Please keep away from my heart.'

June 22, 2014
'Falling from cloud nine. Crashing from the high.' after we departed from our day out. I mood dropped. I had a fun time. An unexpected fun time but afterwards. Not sure how my mood crashed. Did I miss you? or was I missing the fact of having a fun day? Not eager for schedules tomorrow but looking forward for plans I made with chingues and new ones. Excited. Thats all journal, goodnight. Exhausted.

June 21, 2014
time: 12am
There's someone who I am undeniably irresistibly attracted too. Is it obvious? No, not at all. In fact I see him fequently but keep my distance. Ah can't say exactly why or I'll give away his identity. Let's just say my self control is non existent if the other person provokes it. As in recently upon meeting another idol, I noticed another looked like my good-looking dongsaeng. I'm surprise that fans hasn't compare their looks as they always do with look-a-likes. So that got me thinking perhaps they don't look alike but there is something about these two that are similar beyond their phyiscal exterior that I find so alluring. That they are thoughtful. Aware of their surroundings and others. That is beautiful. They are both known to have a daze off pabo look but are incredibly insightful.
time:12:35 unsend e-mail:
I told you sorry but didn't say why. I care about your happiness. I held your happiness and drop it to protect mine. So I feel wrong to say or even have the feeings of caring about your happiness the way that I do. and i do. I'll make it my mission to always keep you happy when you're around me at least. Its strange to see you not fully content when you are the source of my fix of happiness.
I wish things were different. That our feelings clicked once more. But i'm content with having you at my side. Just don't disappear. I told you I don't get jealously easily. but I think I'm selfish with love.

June 15, 2014
12am-ish. Thinking of someone. I owe him so much for helping me maintain my happiness. This person positivity and warmness is so damn attractive. Going to be the type of hyung who protectively watch over them and I'm rarely like that to anyone. However, I'm sure i don't have to watch their back considering how likable they are. '

June 2, 2014
I said I wasn't going to mention names in this Journal but fuck it. "Something about you is different" he told me. Yea I'm not dealing with messed up feels anymore. I'm content. I'm fucking happy. Been so for a few months now^o^ For a few reason and the main one is due to a member trait of not letting things out of his handle control his mood. I always admired how strong and hyung like Chansung was with dealing with well bullshit. He thought me how to let go what already left and focus with what still is with me. Thank you. I should tell him all this next time we meet. i'll just katalk it to him and send him a banana with soju.
So I had a fun weekend. talk about it later. SleepyX.X
May 27, 2014
She makes me feel brand new. I'm holding on to this feeling.
May 25, 2014
..... Talking to you is easy. I love talking to you. I'm not required to say much since you already know what I'm thinking or know what I need to hear.

May 21, 2014
My dongsaengs are either evil or crazy. That is all.

May 16, 2014
..... tore out another 2 pages from here. Feelings thankfully back to normal. That was scary. ah man I need a drink. or not. accidently called Zelo, Zico.
May 13, 2014
..... I should not write here while I'm battling with my eyes to stay open. Today was actually relaxing and somewhat ineresting. Spoke to old friends & realize someone is a playful tease. Must show them the real master. I AM BEASTLYT.T Not cute. So i mention these friends name and it was weird. I think its weird knowing some chingus has access to my journal. So i won't mention people name from now on.

May 10, 2014
..... Holding it back. Was doing a good job. Still am but may slighly lose it in the future. I value my friendship with them dearly to not let these feelings ruin it. Hopefully one day I'll be able to tell them how much I really do love them because when I had my chance to, i lost it. Gomawo for never forgetting me. For being my friend for so damn long. love you. Is what I should remind myself to say later.

midnight: just got home from schedule. well from the movies with a couple of hometown friends. saw The neighbors. It was funny but I'm tireeeeeed and have early schedules againT.T but thankfully I'm still happy.^^ Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things im not please about. But I can't do anything about it. So i stay focus on what i can and With what keeps me smiling.night. writing with sleepy eyes is hard.

April 29, 2014
.....I'm Happy^0^ I'm honestly seriously content with myself. Finally!!

April 28, 2014
..... Thinking of my birthday and ahh man sorta sad that I won't be able to celebrate it with my friends. Going to be busy. Oh well. Thankful for all the preparations and creative gifts the fans send me so far. Love my Hottest! I think this year has so far been the busiest I've was. Part of it due of refalling inlove with music. Learning composing from Junbros. I'm going to be even more diligent from now on. Want to continue creating art.^o^ Damn this was sorta a serious entry. ~~~Peace

April 22, 2014

I tore out two pages out of this journal. Need to stop that.

April 21, 2014
............. Woke up 2 days ago from a nap in tears. Grateful for that. Was starting to believe I forgot how to feel.

April 14, 2014
.............aish had a dream about an old friend of mine. I can't remember the dream exactly but can recall the exact feelings. Feelings of at ease, ecstatic, terrified but in a good way. ㅋㅋ if that makes any sense. This dongsaeng loved to secretly push the boundaries. Dreaming of him wasn't random since we met up recently. Didn't think much of it since we were with other friends but now its hitting me of how much I miss spending out with him. Sharing music, hitting the clubs and out dancing everyone, and chilling at the beach. Aigoo, I'm about to text him something cringe worthy. damn these sentimental feels.

April 01, 2014
............ I'm back.^o^

February 14, 2014
❝Happy Valentines Day, try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.❞
........................ Happy Love day! Interestingly enough, despite the conflicted feelings I'm trying to not let dampen my mood. I feel happy and loved. Due to certain chingus and a particular dongsaeng who gave me the love spirit yesterday. I had a good morning and so far a great day. So I want to share that love with everyone. Firstly my bro members because with the exception of Minjun hyung (mainly Taeckhun hyungsㅋㅋ), I realize I do not hug them often (dont like Eyyyy sexah members, I'm coming after you guys.

February 11, 2014
12:00am. As much as I'm trying. I feel like I'm slowly losing it. Want to just disappear for awhile but heh can't do so until after Valentine day. The past couple days, a lot of unexpected but pleasant thing happen. Alright so damn, dreaming about[/cross out person name] and waking up hard was not wanted lol and far from expected. but something that a dongsaeng said made me feel...well feel again. Something I've been trying to push away. Feelings are dangerous.

February 5,2014
........................... My heart doesn't ache anymore from missing you but I still miss you.

February 3, 2014
...........................I know you read my diary since you told me you always do. Just wanted to say while you're invading my privacy.ㅋㅋ I'm glad you're okay. Chingu stay that way for a while longer.

February 2, 2014
........................... Keep it all inside for now and show them a smile. Will become a different man soon. Need to. Heh, becoming vague even in my diary. Mianhae will explain more so later. Honestly tired of reflecting of myself at the moment. In need of distractions. Ah, I have the most two amazing women by my side.

January 29, 2014
........................... Give Up

January 27, 2014
........................... I may have slightly ponder about something I did in act of anger but upon seeing something I would have been glad not to, I'm glad its the way it is. No regrets. How feelings can change is interestingly scary. Epsecially those who change it frequently upon love interest. I'm not one to judge but its hard not to when you know the person. Someone is going to get hurt and complication is going to arise. I hope it doesn't, I don't like being pissed.
I'll just continue being oblivious for now. As I should be.
on a positive note. i love my friends and those I'm slowly getting to know. Gomawo for making me smile or looking out for me when i don't ask for it.
brow face | nichkhun buck horadghjjkjkl

Relations: 2pm bro, hyung
Love about them: bluntness
'saeng-il chukha hamnida you oldie' I figure I'll write about what our friendship means to me since your birthday is figuratively one second away. So what do I say about this hyung besides everything else everyone seem to know. FYI, Did ya know he has hairy legs? Yup. but seriously he's of course friendly and smart BUT can be beyond silly. More than me, actually more than the other members I believe. (nope maybe not more than Jun.k) Though he has his moments. and when those moments come...ㅋㅋ
Our friendship: I like talking to him. He's great at listening. We talk about anything when we do get the chance to chill. From music, schedules, documentaries (we both love watching them) and just whatever. Nichkhun hyung in regard of friendships is a great friend. He is caring, thoughtful and I'm glad that he's in my life. He, perhaps without his awareness made me a stronger person. Help me go after what I want and do what I want. If you need a friend to keep you in reality or meet someone friendly. Don't be shy and meet my bro Nichkhun. (I'll put up his url once I ask him if its alright~) for now if you see any bushy brow on your dashboard, talk to him!~

To you: I suck at writing out my feels. I know you know that I didn't write 100% of it. but feel touched okay<3'